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Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival T-Shirt

Julia HeatherwickComment

We are excited to partner with Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival to produce their festival t-shirt! We are offering the festival t-shirt online as a pre-order for the month of July.

We placed the festival logo on front and created a Uke Toon for the back. The t-shirt is on a high quality green heather tee and will be available on our site as a pre-order.

Pre-order Period: July 1 - 31, to be delivered by the third week of August. Sizes XS, 2XL and 3XL available online during the pre-order period only. You can find the t-shirt at our Kooky Uke booth festival day, but we will only have sizes small - XL.

Bonus: Wear your shirt to the festival September 24 and get a FREE drawing ticket to win awesome prizes! Order your today!

Back of T-shirt: Kooky Uke's Uke Toon.

Back of T-shirt: Kooky Uke's Uke Toon.

Happy National Kazoo Day!

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You may think we are all about the ukulele and you would be right, but...we also love music and animals and so much more. We are glad to have some of the only kazoo fashion forward apparel on the market. We salute the Kazoo and all its wondrous glory.

My Dog Has Fleas. Get it?

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A new ukulele player shared their love for the ukulele with me today. She asked me the following question about our My Dog Has Fleas tee.

I’m new to the wonderful world of playing the ukulele. I don’t understand the “my dog has fleas” quote and the related jokes. Can you help clue me in? I’m so excited about learning to play the ukulele!!!!!!
— New Ukulele Player

This was my response to her:

Congratulations on discovering the ukulele and falling in love with it. It will change your life for the better the more and more you play!

The phrase, My Dog Has Fleas, is an easy way to remember the tuning for a standard ukulele. You can sing the words to help you tune to the right notes, GCEA. The word ukulele roughly translates as "jumping flea." So the dog has "jumping fleas" (little ukuleles) to clue you into the joke. When you wear a My Dog Has Fleas tee you can exchange a knowing glance and nod to your fellow ukulele player tribe!

EFMVideos does a nice video demonstrating how you can tune your ukulele with the trusty phrase, My Dog Has Fleas!